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MyBus Transportation has been family owned and operated transportation company in Orlando, well known for its reliability and safety. We are a 3rd generation family operated business with over 30-years transportation experience.

Our staff, drivers and motor coaches are multilingual and highly trained, making your travel the best experience.

We are based in the heart of Orlando, Florida with the best tourist attractions for your experience. We pride ourselves in being the safest, easiest means of group transport. Your safety and convenience is our utmost priority.

We provide transport to small/large groups of people from airports to hotels, tourist attractions, events and many more. We also provide competitive pricing with our latest European Style motor coaches.

Book your reservation at MyBus today and be rewarded with speaking directly with one of MyBus’ owners. We guarantee you 100% Satisfaction!

Give MyBus Transportation a try and you’ll ask for more!

How did MyBus Start?


Our goals and aspiration were always to become a family operated business. I observed my family growing up working hard, staying humble, and treating people right. They were a former Bus Charter Company for 10 Years. They retired 2009, to spend more time with their family, themselves, and travel. My Fiancé and I spoke for months creating business plans, saving money, and evaluating our financial situation. One day on Facebook, we stumbled upon a Steve Harvey behind the scene clip “you have to Jump”. That is what did it for us to take a chance/risk in life and finally jump towards our dream. This is how MyBus started with a Dream, Vision, and FAMILY. 


 Get On The Road!


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